Joel A. Drucker, Attorney at Law

Planning For Your Future After Retirement

As you grow older and get ready to retire, or if you are already retired, it is imperative to consider how you are going to be cared for once you can no longer care for yourself. My firm in Morris County, Joel A. Drucker, Attorney at Law, puts the focus on you, the person. Your goals, your assets and your peace of mind are of paramount importance to me.

The way we spend the last few years of our lives can be a happy, gentle golden twilight, or it can be marred in dispute and confusion. You do not want to leave the decisions for your care and your assets until the last possible second. Your wishes should be the most important guiding principle to your lawyer when you are ready to set your goals when it comes to elder care.

Important Issues To Consider For Your Retirement

Losing even a little mobility can make the simplest task almost impossible and that is only a physical ailment. Dementia and other loss of mental faculties is a real possibility. I want to help you plan for that by going over some very common issues in elder law, such as:

  • Long-term care planning: In conjunction with Medicaid planning and long-term care insurance, it is vital to your future to have a plan in place when you can no longer care for yourself.
  • Asset preservation: Without a long-term care plan in place, your assets could be liquidated to pay for your health care costs.
  • Medicare planning: Knowing the difference between Medicare plans and the gaps in their coverage will keep you healthy as you age.
  • Guardianship: Guardianship is expensive and time-consuming, and you will want to avoid it where you can.

Your Goals Are My Goals

The goal of elder care planning is to ensure you have the funds to live out your life as comfortably as you deserve. I will help you designate a power of attorney, transfer assets, plan insurance and make sure you are provided for as you get older.

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