Joel A. Drucker, Attorney at Law

The Necessity Of Civil Litigation

With over 40 years of experience as an attorney working for clients in New Jersey, Florida and New York, I have learned a great deal about how to resolve cases. Most parties want their issues to be handled quickly and painlessly, and I am happy to make that work. Occasionally, however, disputes cannot be resolved easily, and litigation becomes a necessity.

Every case is its own series of tangled threads, and it takes direct, experienced focus to build the case to resolve your litigation. My approach to you, your dispute and your upcoming business litigation is about finding the important details to protect what you have built.

The Impact Of Individual Attention

The attention that I give to each of my clients here in Morris County, which includes individuals, small business owners and corporations, is why I have built the reputation as an ethical, straightforward attorney. I have the experience with trial law to make an impact on many types of civil litigation cases such as:

  • Trust and estate litigation: Beneficiary rights; contesting a will; defending against a will contest; disputes among co-executors; accounting issues
  • Commercial litigation: Shareholder and partnership disputes, contract disputes
  • Real estate litigation: Contract disputes; mortgage foreclosure defense; mechanics liens; lease disputes
  • Business litigation: Breach of contract, partnership disputes, shareholder suits; employer-employee disputes
  • Insurance litigation: Coverage disputes; lawsuits against insurance companies

By focusing on you and your goals as well as the necessity of protecting your assets I can focus my attention on what is most important to you. Your case is going to be different from everyone else’s case, and you deserve a lawyer who takes your needs as seriously as you do.

The Focus Is On Your Goals

I make a point of focusing on your goals, and whether your issue is a commercial real estate dispute or contesting a will, by understanding what has happened and what your needs are, I can build the best case to pursue your goals. Contact my firm, Joel A. Drucker, Attorney at Law, by phone at our Randolph, New Jersey, office by calling 973-933-4207 or through the online form to set up a free initial consultation.