Joel A. Drucker, Attorney at Law

Real Estate Solutions Designed For You

In the last 40 years of serving my clients in New York, New Jersey and Florida, I have seen the market fluctuations turn small, almost inconsequential pieces of land into invaluable real estate assets. Land is finite, and the purchase and sale of property is one of the most secure investments people make today. Having a lawyer who cares about you and pays personal attention to your needs makes that process safer and more secure for you.

Here in Morris County, at my firm, Joel A. Drucker, Attorney at Law, I take personal pride in giving you the advice and service you and your business need to make the most of your real estate investments. My focus is on providing you prudent advice, so you can make educated legal decisions whether you are purchasing land for a commercial development or a home for your retirement.

The Importance Of Real Estate

It cannot be overstated that the finite amount of land in an area such as Randolph or Manhattan creates a market imbalance. Knowing that your home or land will always have value is one of the most important advantages of having real estate. I offer the following services to assist you in these vital decisions:

  • Real estate closing
  • Property dispute litigation
  • Commercial and residential transactions
  • Purchase and sale agreements
  • Estate planning considerations for out-of-state property

Having a lawyer who understands you and what is important to you can help protect the assets that you have spent a lifetime accumulating. I make it my focus to pay personal attention to your needs and what matters most to you.

Your goals, your assets and your peace of mind are of paramount importance to me. I will give your issue my full attention, by coming to meet you as needed, whether day or night and getting to the heart of your real estate concerns. Contact me by phone at 973-933-4207 or through the online form to set up a free initial consultation.