Joel A. Drucker, Attorney at Law

Let Me Take Care Of Your Estate Administration

At Joel A. Drucker, Attorney at Law, for more than 40 years I have represented clients in Morris County who have needed representation in the estate administration process. In every case, it is my goal to ease your grief by guiding you through the process of estate administration as quickly and smoothly as possible.

How I Can Help Guide You Through Estate Administration

If you are the executor or administrator of your loved one’s estate, I will help you sort out their estate plan (if there is one) and determine how to proceed. I am very detail-oriented, and I will ensure that you avoid procedural mistakes that could seriously delay disbursement of the assets and drain the estate financially.

I will assist in the collection of all assets; prepare all necessary estate and inheritance tax returns; advise as to any potential tax savings using post-mortem tax planning; represent the estate in connection with the sale of any real estate owned by the deceased person; deal with the estate beneficiaries; settle the estate accounting; and assist with the distribution.

If you are a beneficiary of an estate and have questions as to how an executor or administrator can handle an estate and what your rights are, I will advise you and make sure that your rights are being protected. If I feel that your rights have been violated or the estate is being mishandled by the executor, I may recommend litigation.

If you are a family member of the deceased who wants to challenge the deceased’s will, I will review the situation with you and advise you as to whether a will contest is advisable. If you are a family member of the deceased or a beneficiary who wants to challenge the validity of any lifetime transfers made by the deceased, I can also advise you.

Call My Randolph Office

For an initial consultation about your case, please get in touch to schedule an appointment. You can call my Randolph office at 973-933-4207 or visit my contact page to send me an email. I serve clients throughout Morris County and in New York City.